Shopee is the leading platform in Southeast Asia, mainly in Malaysia with over 22 million monthly visitors. As a result, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore are among the countries in which it operates. It works on the Taobao model, which allows buyers and sellers to contact and deal directly. Therefore, shoppee could help you to market your products. In this guide, we will go through “how to use Shopee to market your products” and the multiple benefits of the Shopee platform.

How to market your products on Shopee

To increase your Shopee sales and earn Shopee followers, you must not only attract traffic to your online business but also convert those visits into sales. Shopee has in-app capabilities that allow vendors to adjust their profit figures.

●       Campaigns

Campaigns on shopee help to connect sellers with buyers. With campaigns, you can connect with more buyers. It’s like an ad that you run on shopee. Joining or creating a campaign is very easy and takes only 5 minutes. However, the team of shopee will approve your product before allowing your campaign to run.

●       Flash Sales

Deals that appear on the Shopee homepage are known as flash sales. It is like just like eCommerce marketplaces. Because this is the part of Shopee that most consumers visit when they are shopping for discounted products, using the startling sale Shopee feature can help you improve your sales. However, you need to purchase the slot and for that, you need to purchase Advertising Credits.

●       Discount promotions

By using the discount promotion feature, you can raise the price of your items for a designated period of time, which results in a rise in Shopee sales. It is beneficial for sellers who want to increase sales of a particular item to use my discount promos to drop the price. Your price will remain competitive in comparison to other vendors if you take advantage of these discounts.


Shopee Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular eCommerce online shopping sites. When it comes to targeting Southeast Asia as a market, Shopee is unquestionably a platform not to be overlooked. Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are many other proven ways to increase sales with the help of shopee such as target specific customer demographics and Vouchers. To know more about these points, visit the media one marketing website.