What You Need to Know About Sobha Sentosa Residential Apartment

    Finding the best residential apartment units to settle with your family is never an easy undertaking. With so many options available at your disposal, you might feel overwhelmed even before you get started. Either way, this should never deter your quest of buying a unit at a residential apartment.

    After all, this is just what you need to forget about monthly rent payments that could take a toll on your finances. If you are in dire need of the best residential apartment in Bangalore to leverage, then you should look no further than Sobha Sentosa. But what makes this residential apartment worth your time and money? Keep reading to find out more.

    About Sobha Sentosa

    Before going any further, you need to understand what makes Sobha Sentosa a residential apartment in Bangalore worth checking out. Well, this is a brand new residential apartment project launched in Paranthur Road, Balagere near Varthur, Bangalore. This project features the very best in SOBHA Limited’s premium living segment and offers spacious 1 and 3BHK apartments with luxurious features.

    Better, beautiful landscapes, plenty of open spaces, and curated greens together with Balagere near Varthur lake all around Sobha Sentosa make this residential apartment and special and Elite. No wonder it continues to attract the attention of many homeowners in Bangalore.

    Sobha Sentosa Specifications

    It is also worth looking into Sobha Sentosa specifications as they are what make it stand out from other projects around. In a nutshell, the structure is a RCC framed with concrete solid block masonry (interior and exterior) – 200MM exterior walls, 100MM interior walls. This is quite fascinating since not many residential apartments boast this type of structure building.

    When it comes to security, there is nothing to worry about since the developer has everything covered.  The residential apartment comes fully fitted with two elevators of standard size and quality in each block. If this is not enough, you will greatly benefit from round the clock security with intercom facility, not forgetting CCTV camera at all vantage points.

    With the wide range of specifications and amenities included, it is easy to think you have to dig deeper into your pockets before booking a unit at Sobha Sentosa residential apartment. However, this is not really the case since the developer has put in place competitive prices for all the units. For instance, you can buy a 1 BHK unit type of size 689 in Sq.ft with Rs.59.6 Lacs onwards.

    The Bottom Line

    Sobha Sentosa is just the residential apartment you should consider checking out whenever you want to relocate to Bangalore. But before booking a unit at the apartment, it pays off to schedule a site visit and check it out for yourself.

    To enjoy money-saving benefits when booking a unit, be sure to take advantage of Homz N Space ‘Group Buy’ option. Simply pay a visit to this online platform to find out more before you can finally decide on anything.


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