Are you planning to sell your house soon? Well, you could renovate it a bit and increase its value. The real estate market assigns value to a home depending on various factors at the time of sale. Therefore, a simple kitchen upgrade could see you make more money than you would have. Even if you are not planning to sell your home soon, the increased home value gives you added financial credit with your financial partners.

Can a simple kitchen renovation raise my home’s value?

Yes, a simple renovation like installing white shaker kitchen cabinets could improve your home’s value. But that’s not all; you can do other cheap renovation upgrades to increase the value of your home.

Top 4 kitchen renovation ideas

  1. Add a kitchen island

A kitchen island is one of the basic ideas that homeowners can use when raising their home’s value. You don’t need a lot of space to create a kitchen island. It is just a matter of organization within your kitchen. Ensure that you account for all the empty spaces in the kitchen to create space for your kitchen island.

When adding a kitchen island, always be mindful of the overall theme and style of your kitchen. You must ensure that your colors are blending. For example, a kitchen with white shaker kitchen cabinets should have an island that has a different shade of white, probably cream.

  1. Replace old cabinets

You need to examine the kind of cabinets that you have in your home. The key question that you should be asking yourself is whether or not they are good enough for your kitchen. If they are too old, you should buy new white shaker kitchen cabinets to breathe a new sense of life in your kitchen. You can also opt to paint your kitchen if you don’t want to invest in buying new cabinetry.

  1. Paint the walls

The walls of your kitchen are also a source of aesthetics. You should repaint the walls to make them appear new. It is an easy thing to do that will increase the value of your home significantly.

  1. Upgrade appliances

You should also look for modern appliances and install them in your kitchen. You don’t have to buy new ones; you can buy second-hand appliances that are in good working conditions.

These tips are sufficient to help you increase your home’s value through basic kitchen renovation ideas.