Why Ethoz is the best car rental company in Singapore

    Short term car hire is a concept that allows an individual to hire a car for a short term such as less than one year or to go for a trip. Multiple automotive companies provide a car for short term lease. However, not all of them are as good as Ethoz.

    Ethozgroup is an automotive as well as financial solution company based in Singapore. They have been in the business for over 40 years. They have one of the best car collections from small sedans to luxury MPV. With their diversified car collection, they furnish all the classes of society. So whether you are looking for a cheap short term car lease or a luxury MPV, they have it all. But that’s not all, there are multiple reasons why they are the best.

    Reasons why Ethozgroup is the best car rental company

    ●       40 years of extensive experience

    When it comes to experience, every other trust issue eliminates itself. We have often heard that experience brings quality, which is 100% true as Ethozgroup is regarded as the best short term car lease Singapore company. With 40 years of experience, they bring the best-in-class values.

    ●       Wide range of available vehicles

    As we mentioned earlier, they have cars for all the classes of society. They have cars from Small Sedan, SUVs, MPV all the way up to Big Sedan, Luxury series, and Luxury MPVs. Therefore, whether you want a car for a short trip or for a luxury party, they have the solution for your car need.

    ●       Best-in-class Rental package

    A rental package is a package of benefits provided by the company to its customers. Their rental package includes a Customised solution, Motor insurance, Road Tax, LTA inspection, Unlimited mileage, Maintenance & Servicing, Accident reporting & claims, 24-hour breakdown, and a Replacement vehicle. So many benefits for so little service charge, no wonder they are the best short term car rental company in Singapore.


    Ethozgroup is one of the best short term car rental Singapore company that understand your requirements and aims to provide a solution. With minimalistic paperwork and an affordable price structure, you could have the moment to ride your dream car. You can visit their website i.e Ethozgroup to know more about their services, pricing, benefits, and process that lead to your dream car.


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