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Why You Should Trust a True Commercial Refrigerator

Many people are now making the switch to True refrigeration when looking to propel their restaurant business to greater heights. And this is easy to see why since the company has built a good reputation for themselves ever since they first ventured into the industry. No wonder they command a huge share of the market in different parts of the world.

If you’re yet to get yourself a True commercial refrigerator or freezer, then there’s no other time to invest in one than now. But is this a viable decision worth making. Read on to learn about the reasons why should trust True refrigeration.

Sizeable Evaporators

You might not know this but True refrigeration boasts of overpriced evaporators that maximize recovery time. This is just what you need to promote product safety. In fact, True commercial refrigerators tend to be about 25-66% larger than those of comparable units. If this is not enough, they make use of larger copper tubing when compared to other brands available out there. All these combined save on utilities while at the same time increasing longevity for the refrigeration system.

Durable Evaporator Fan Motors

Most service technician will attest to the fact that the True refrigeration evaporation fan motor comes with a long-life expectancy. Actually, they can serve you for close to 15 years when compared to the 3-year average life expectancy of other commercial refrigerator fans out there.  But how is this even possible in the first place?

Well, True makes use of cast iron components, oversized low-velocity fan motors, not forgetting a sealing that works in an oil-filled casing. What is even better, the large fan blades blow high volumes of air slowly across the evaporator resulting in faster temperature pull down time.

The Bottom Line

True refrigeration offers a host of benefits that you probably did not know about. From long-lasting evaporator fan motors tosizeable motors, you cannot regret your decision after making the switch to True commercial refrigerators and freezers. The good news is that you can order one online and have it delivered to your current location.