The Best All Purpose Lightning Cables

Apple-2M-Lightning-CableThe lightning cable introduced by Apple exclusively for their latest models of iPhones, iPads and iPods have a USB to lightning connector. The lightning connector is flat and can be inserted both ways. It was built with an authentication chip to ensure sale of genuine products. The chip was soon cracked and several third party companies began manufacturing the same.

The lightning cable by Apple is among the most criticized of all accessories by Apple for restricting the use of older accessories. Apple sure did not do an attractive job with their lightning cables which is very evident from the various high quality third party lightning cables available in the market.

The third party cables offer a wide range of lengths, colors, style and overall design to choose from. You can find more on third party lightning cables at, iphonelife, amazon, cnet and many more links. Before you purchase a plain looking one, you can find innovative and durable ones.

Long lightning cable
Among the long lightning cables Insipio offers a length of 3.3 feet and 8 different colors. Compared to the Apple lightning cable, it is stiffer but nevertheless as good.

Short lightning cables
Several short lightning cables are available. Although not ideal to charge from a distance or at a wall charger, it is most ideal to charge using a power bank or also for sync or data transfer onto or from system. It is very travel friendly. ihome flex delivers a 6’’ compact lightning cable in a classic design of black with orange edges at the connector. Cable jive XS offers a 5’’ cable.

2 in 1 lightning cables
The AluCable duo twist is one unique design to come across among available models. The cable is spirally coiled with a micro USB at one end. The spirally coiled cable ensures that the cable will remain tangle free. To the micro USB end is also attached an Apple certified lightning adapter. Now this enables flexibility in usage with the latest Apple devices and the older ones too. It even enables charging of headphones that use a micro USB port.

The Cheero Danboard USB cable also offers both micro USB and lightning adapter. It is unique because the plug housing has a smiley face on it, whose eyes are LED lights that light up when charging. It also offers variable lengths and a 6 month warranty.

Flat cables
These are intended for charging of headphones. Just Mobile AluCable Flat looks classic with its grey metal heads, Color Cables offer clear coated cables that glow in the dark whereas Tylt Syncable Duo feels like rubber and has a rugged appearance with strain relief.
Talk about overdoing it, and you will find Aleratec 5 device Snake cable. Wondering where it got its name, it has 5 outputs and 5 inputs and for being multipurpose, it comes at a nominal price and is MFi certified. It is compatible with all the latest Apple devices.
Other than the lightning cables, lightning adapters are also sold as single units which can easily be carried in a wallet. Look at innovation and one can find several retractable lightning cables in the market too.

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Ways to Healthier Food at Steak and Shake

steak-shake-600x450Going out to your favorite fast food places doesn’t always have to mean breaking your diet. While Steak and Shake may not be at the top of your list when it comes to healthy eating, you can still make nutritious eating choices when you eat out. Whether you are on a roadtrip and have limited options, are out with friends, or are having a special treat you can still eat at Steak and Shake without going off of your diet if you are aware of Steak and Shake nutrition.

Ditch the Meat

Steak and Shake might be known for their hearty steak like burgers, but as vegetarians and vegans are all too happy to tell you, one of the easiest ways to go healthier is by ditching the meat. The good news is that Steak and Shake caters to both the health conscious and vegetarians alike. That even includes their ever popular Veggie Melt, which has plenty of gooey, delicious cheese, and grilled portobello mushrooms. Many people consider portobello mushrooms the ‘steak’ of mushrooms, as they are hearty and meaty. Like all mushrooms they offer plenty of protein to keep you filled and full of energy.

Try a Salad
Steak and Shake has plenty of healthy salads that are nutritious and delicious. Each one features either grilled or fried chicken, which makes it a complete meal. Your best options are the grilled chicken salads. In particular, the Apple Pecan Grilled Chicken Salad, is one of the best options, because it is chock full of crunchy veggies and fruits and comes with a low fat, low calorie dressings.

Try Turkey or Chicken

There are several different turkey and chicken sandwiches on the menu. This includes a turkey burger and a chicken sandwich. All of these items are filled with the same great, high quality ingredients that Steak and Shake is known for, and they won’t expand your waistline. Turkey and chicken are known to be a low fat alternative to beef. They are also lower in cholesterol, and depending on the method of cooking, they usually have less calories than beef burgers as well.

Choose a Side Salad or Fruit

One of the biggest ways to stack up calories at a fast food joint like Steak and Shake is by eating lots of fried foods, such as French fries and onion rings. A better choice is to choose a different side item with your meal, like a garden salad, fresh fruit, or a low calorie broth based soup. Studies show that not only will choosing a salad or soup add good, healthy veggies to your meal, but it will help you to eat less later in the meal. Our bodies take a while to get full, or fill satied, even after we have eaten enough. One way to learn to stop eating when you are truly full is by eating food that takes longer and has fewer calories, such as soup or salad.

Choose Smaller Portions
If you absolutely must eat a steak burger and some fries, the best option is to choose smaller portions. Rather than getting a super sized fries and a big double or triple burger, choose a lower calorie option. Try a small fries or split them with a friend. Steak and Shake is known for it’s big double burgers, but they also offer single burgers that can be just as satisfying.
Remember, the key to eating well and living well is choosing heathy, nutrition rich foods when possible, and limiting high calorie, low nutrient foods to small portions.

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How Dentists Use Technology In Their Industry In Killeen, Texas ?

The dentistry field is constantly changing and evolving to cater the needs of the patients. A dentist Killeen, Texas is always looking for emerging and new technology to make their patient experience comfort as much as possible. The latest equipment and technology are integrated into every dental clinic to offer world class services to patients.

Digital x-rays: It contains less radiation and highly faster than traditional x-rays. If the digital x-ray is done for a patient, the image will appear on the computer in few seconds. The dentists can easily zoom the image and assess the oral condition of the patient. They can even show and teach the patient about their oral health. It is not harmful to patients. It emits ninety percentage less radiation than the traditional x-rays.

Invisalign: It is practically invisible and clear braces. It helps in straightening the teeth of the patients in a simple way. It remains comfortable and effective for patients who wish to rectify their smile. In olden day, people who wish to correct their smile wore heavy metal braces. It causes severe pain and irritation to the user.

The invisible braces are easy to clean. It can be removed when the patient wants to clean or brush their teeth. It remains invisible, and people around will notice only if you mention them that you are wearing braces. It has attained great response all over the world. Specialized dentists provide Invisalign braces for patients.

Dental implants: It can also be called as screw replacements fixed on the root side of missing teeth. It helps in restoring healthy smiles though the patient has missing teeth. It is effective as it aids in replacing the missing teeth. It gives the patient a look and feel of natural teeth.

Intraoral camera: It is an advanced tool used by millions of dentists. It helps the dentists to get well defined and précised pictures of difficult to locate places in the patient’s mouth. The intraoral camera will help the dentists to take images and educate the patient regarding their dental health. The latest model helps the dentist in assessing the oral care needs of the patient and perform thorough checkup of the patient’s mouth.

Zoom Whitening: It is the latest whitening treatment given to patients who require easy and fast results. The patient can get a beautiful smile with whiter teeth within a single appointment.

Ensure to have a look at your dental practitioner’s office for latest equipment when you go for a dental checkup. You will get to know more facts than mentioned in this article.

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Use of Technology at Restaurants to Render Better Customer Service


After the use of smartphones and social media, the use of technology is highly focused by the restaurant industry. Well, the consumers want the use of new technology that is integrated into the dining experience. Technology will render faster meal delivery and bill payment. In fact, a low of surveys have claimed that the restaurants will use technology more than before in the coming years. As of now, the restaurants have been little slow in implementing technology, but they will soon move to the next level by accepting things. Here are a few recent innovations that facilitate the use of technology in the restaurant business.

Mobile ordering: Mobile ordering is one of the areas where the restaurant chains are in ahead. There are many mobile ordering websites that list several websites in a given locality or based on the item that is looked for.

Tabletop e-waiter and checkout: The diners hate the concept of waiters taking their credit card when it is given for the payment purposes. The credit card fraud is a common threat that is faced by many making people concerned about the same when they dine at a restaurant. There is a solution to the same that offers tabletop e-waiters with the ability to self-checkout and more. It will suggest items to order, and reduce the average time a diner spends at the restaurant. The customers will also feel happy as they will enjoy faster service and the restaurants can serve more diners with the help of this technology.


Digital menu boards: The fast food restaurants are implementing digital menu boards to make it easier to change the menu items and change the pricing of the menus. The digital signage lets the quick service restaurants to offer entertainment as well as interactivity as the consumers wait to place their orders. You need to make sure your restaurant construction facilitates the placement of the digital menu boards at the eatery.

Online coupons: The digital coupons that are provided online offer attractive discounts for the diners luring the consumers to place an order.

iPad order kiosks: Instead of waiting in a line, you can order the food that you want at a kiosk without wasting a lot of time. This technology is still in testing, and we can expect it to be implemented in the coming years.

These are some of the elegant tech-savvy solutions that work at the restaurants to render an excellent user experience to the consumers. The restaurants have to integrate the technology in the right way to make their customers happy.

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Perfect Pan Technology

Perfect Pan Technology for your Meatloaf Making Madness

Meatloaf is one of the very best comfort foods. Its homeyness makes it so wonderful to prepare, while its list of ingredients and process are pretty simple. Preparing the dish gets even better with the Perfect Meatloaf Pan, a non-stick device that allows you to bake, lift and serve meatloaf without the mess.

The meatloaf cooks evenly, drains fat and never falls apart with this well-designed tray. It is very simple to follow your dream meatloaf recipe using this cooking pan. You just need to place the meatloaf into the aerated tray and then gently put it inside a nonstick meatloaf pan. Immediately after baking in the oven you can easily lift the tray and serve your delicious meal. The final product is a well cooked, well drained, non-soggy and evenly cooked loaf.

The Perfect Meatloaf Pan measures a length of 12.25 inches including the lift out handles. It comes with a recipe book which makes it even much easier to cook without worrying about the grease. If you are on a low-fat, high protein diet, you will fall in love with the fact that this pan is highly effective in draining fat into an empty chamber beneath the tray, giving you a little bit drier than ordinary loaves – with significant fat and calorie reduction. You will also fall in love with the tight consistency of the loaves. Some remarkable features of this pan include:

*Keeps meatloaf from falling apart

*Drains fat so your loaf is never soggy

*Comes with a bonus recipe guide

*Cooks the loaf evenly

*Contains removable aerated tray alongside the loaf pan

How To Use Perfect Meatloaf Pan To Prepare The Perfect Meatloaf Recipe



1 pound ground pork, 1 pound ground beef (80/20) each

Sauce, buttermilk, sour cream, 2 eggs

Ketchup, tomato sauce, bread crumbs

Dark brown sugar, orange pepper, green pepper, grated cheese, salt, pepper

Oregano, purple onion

Step 1

Place your pork and beef inside a large bowl. Dice your peppers and onions and add to the bowl. Then add some cheese, seasoning and oregano to give it a touch of spice. Also add salt and pepper.

Step 2

Add 1 tablespoon of sauce, 3 tablespoons ketchup, eggs and 2 tablespoons sour cream

Step 3

Add your bread crumbs generously. Lastly, add some buttermilk over the top.

Step 4

Mix all the ingredients with clean hands and if the mixture is too wet add some more bread crumbs.

Step 5

Split the mixture into two equal portions and then roll out on wax paper and shape it into a rectangle to allow it to cook evenly.

Step 6

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. At the same time make a sauce mixture in the Perfect Pan by mixing a large can of tomato sauce, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 tablespoon of sauce. Mix well and deep your rectangular meatloaf in the sauce.

Step 7

Drizzle some sauce over the meatloaf (using a spoon) and bake for about 1hour 15 minutes. Keep checking until all juices run clear. Sometimes you may have to wait for an hour and a half.

Step 8

Serve your meatloaf with mashed potatoes and some salad.

Final Word

The pan is sturdy, reliable and efficient. The only downside is that if you are planning to prepare a larger meatloaf, the cooking time is much longer. Overall, this is a perfect way to make the most of your meatloaf recipe.


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Everything You Need To Know About Dell XPS 13

The newly redesigned XPS 13 laptop amazed everyone present at CES 2015. Dell managed to fit a 13-inch laptop into what feels like an 11-inch body and still have the perfect surrounding and an amazing screen. This magnificent design also has a unique screen which Dell calls the infinity display and it has been described as “virtually borderless”.

BN-GN245_Ptech0_J_20150120114413The higher-end configuration with a 3,200×1,800-pixel touchscreen and Intel Core i5 CPU, is available at a total price of $1,399 in the US. As for the UK, the configurations are slightly different. Also, regarding the model available in the UK, I have noticed is that it includes the higher-res touch display, more RAM and larger SSD hard drives, and it is not as affordable since the price goes from £1,049.

The Dell model is definitely appreciated for its trendy, slick design and decent performance, but also it offers extreme portability. As for its performance it has been given an entirely new boost with the new fifth generation of Intel’s Core i-series CPUs and battery which is more than average regarding its average life.

Even the lower-end version of the XPS 13 which doesn’t have the touch screen and has a modest 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution, has an envying battery life. Even though this version of XPS 13 is much more modest the resolution doesn’t seem to make a huge loss, however the lack of the touchscreen truly is a setback for anyone who wants to use Windows 8 effectively, since its touchpad is not really that amazing. The low-end version might cost only $899 but still it lacks the edge-to-edge glass overlay that the touch version had. Also, even though the screen bezel is still very thin, but it lacks that refined, unified look, you get from a single plane covering the entire front-facing panel of the laptop.

However, I cannot fail to mention that even though it lacks the refined design the low-end version of XPS 13 does have a significantly longer battery life and it manages to run for more than 12 hours on a single charge, whereas the high-res version manages to pull out only 7 hours on a single charge when performing the same test. This puts XPS 13 much closer to MacBook Air than ever before!

BN-GN220_Ptech0_P_20150120112544Even though saving several hundred of dollars for a laptop with improved battery life seems like a fair trade, still the glass overlay and the touchscreen are dearly missed in this low-end version. If there was a laptop which would include a 1,920×1080-pixel touchscreen and battery life that manages to pull out at least a 12-hour mark, that might be the perfect laptop, but until such laptop appears on the market we will have to choose from the existing models.

Furthermore, I think both the high-res and the low-end versions are absolutely amazing, and it is up to the customer and your own, individual needs and preferences to choose the version which suits you the best.

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