3 Reasons Why You Need to Try Japanese Whisky

    Japan is famous for their vibrant culture which happens to be bound by a perfect balance of tradition and innovation. If this is not enough, they boast of pretty amazing food and drink culture when compared to other parts of the world. Yet, when you decide to check out the whisky world, you will come across a wide range of options to choose from. Wondering why you should try out Japanese whisky? Here are some of the reasons behind it.

    • Unique and Experimental

    It is without a doubt that the sheer thought of trying out a new and unique brand of a spirit you love will make you more than happy.  This is exactly what you are set to get whenever you try out Japanese whisky since it is defined by the country’s water, climate and altitude.  Thanks to the humid summers in Kansai, distillers are able to speed up the extraction process from the wood making the whisky wonderfully deep and smooth. Better, it features subtle fruit and sweetness you may never find in any other part of the world. What is even more fascinating is the fact that you will come across the most renowned whisky flavors in Japan.

    • Wonderfully Accessible

    One of the reasons why you will fall in love with Japanese whisky is the gentle flavors and smooth profile that make the brands wonderfully accessible. Quite a number of people have tried out Scottish Islay whisky only to be put off by their intensity and strength. When you try a Japanese whisky such as The Hibiki, you will immediately feel the myriad of sweet and fruity notes to enjoy. Adding soda-water and ice will open up the whisky further thus helping you on your route to loving the brand.

    • Globally Recognized

    We cannot finish without mentioning how Japanese whisky is recognized globally. Actually, their brands are amassing awards globally. For instance, The Hibiki 21 Year-Old was named the World’s Best Blended Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards in five different occasions. Well, who would not like to try a whisky that has won numerous global awards?  However, just because a brand has won an award, it does not mean it is better than the rest. But when it achieves this fate more than once, you will have to admit something about the whisky is pretty fascinating.

    Final Thoughts

    There you have it, three reasons why you need to try out Japanese whisky. As is the case with any other whisky brand, you need to find something that can serve you better. Do not go out there trying every brand of whisky in Japan simply because they are the best. Instead, try looking for a category that will serve you perfectly. This will mean examining all the different categories not forgetting flavors. It is then that you can find the best Japanese whisky brand without necessarily having to go through a lot or spending more than you had planned.


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