For those new to the world of blogging and everything that has to do with WordPress, managed WordPress hosting may seem alien to them.

However, having a managed WordPress hosting is almost similar to having your very own personal technical team. In simpler terms, it is basically a hosting solution that has been tailor-designed strictly for WordPress sites.

This hosting is actually a step upwards from the regular yet cheaper shared hosting alternatives you can find around. Moreover, the ideal thing about this hosting is that it caters to every one of your technical bits that occurs behind the scene.

With this, you can actively focus on your site and watch as it grows. Generally, managed hosting aids in keeping your website completely updated that it becomes faster and performs highly.

Managed hosting backs everything instantly and runs common security checks. All this makes it highly bulletproof against hacking activities.

To put it simply, managed hosting like its name, manages your website at the background, and maintains a continuous increased performance. It is ideal if you desire tip-top results, but you don’t have the time nor the technical know-how to tweak or manage things behind the scene.

Types Of Managed WordPress Hosting

Some of the best managed WordPress hosting that you can find include:

The cheapest option you can get for SiteGround is the beginner level option, which costs $3.95 monthly. This option comes fully packaged with backups for every day and automatic updates.

While it is great for newbies, other people will prefer the GoGeek package, which is still affordable at about $14.95. With this package, you are sure to get not just a one-click staging area but a Git that has been pre-installed for WordPress.

Also, you will open the premium tech support as well as their SuperCacher that offers you enhanced speed. For SiteGround, there not time to wait as customer support is readily available.

All in all, it is rated among the best managed WordPress hosting.

The selling point for this managed hosting is that it is fully powered by Google cloud. With this, they claim that it is much faster than the managed hosting of their competitors.

For Kinsta, its score is a sturdy A as it offers swift response all over the United States. It is also the managed hosting choice for both Asos and Ubisoft. The smallest Kinsta package goes for $100.

Also, Kinsta was updated back in January of 2018, and this makes it the alternative for larger sites and businesses. If you need power, you are sure to get that from Kinsta.

Basically, the Kinsta service checks on your website every minute for support, as well as security. You are allowed to select your very own CDN, and it practically has all of the developer tools you desire.

Furthermore, its response time to submission of tickets is roughly nine minutes.

This is probably the largest name in the sphere of managed WordPress hosting. They were actually among the first to offer managed hosting, and currently, they provide hosting for some big named clients such as Rightmove, HTC, cancer research, etc.

Little wonder that they are among the best managed WordPress hosting. Its beginner level alternative known as Personal is quite generous as it offers a staging surrounding, free site migration, and one click back up.

While it is ideal for about twenty-five thousand visitors monthly, however, you may need to upgrade to unlock some more resources and the 24/7phone support as well.

It has been rated highly among the best managed WordPress hosting available for users. You may decide to deploy WordPress via Cloudways on any cloud you prefer, such as a digital ocean, AWS, Linode, etc.

Basically, it’s way more powerful as well as reliable than the regular VPS. For its features, it comes fully packaged with around-the-clock 24/7 support and has free migration all over every page.

As for its advanced option, it comes with GIT integration, managed support and staging URLs. Its control panel is user friendly which is something so many cloud hosts actually lack.  You can learn more from here.

To Sum It Up

These are some of the best managed WordPress hosting you can utilize as a blogger on WordPress. If you need continuous speed, high performance, and security without worrying about any technical issue, you can read through this list to make your choice.