There are a lot of background removal service providers out there. In fact, how many background removal service providers are out there as of this date is not possible to know. When it comes to this matter, your guess is just as good as mine. Maybe thousands of them are there. Or maybe tens of thousands of them are floating around the cyberspace looking for business. A large majority of them are there trying their best to land their very first client. Some that do get a client or two here and there are not all that reliable. They are out there to make some quick bucks and not much into providing high quality service. Don’t get me wrong! There are some good service providers out there that know the entire business of removing product image background and have been working with the ecommerce industry for a long time. It is however hard to find one on those service provider. So, when you get one, don’t let them go. Maintain your relationship with them like your business depends on it.

What type of companies provide background removal services

There are wide verities of companies offering photo editing services including background removal. Removing the background from an image can sometimes be a very complex process. Depending on the type of image, in our case commercial photography where some sort of products are displayed on the image, removing background from those images can be a bot tricky. Sometimes there are multiple objects in a single image. Sometimes the image itself is so complex that it takes detailed attention and long hours to remove background form that image. For example, a bicycle or a motorcycle. Or it can be a fashion item such a jewelry. These items produce highly complex images and it takes a long time even for the most seasoned photoshop expert to remove background from that image.

Since it takes good expertise to provide this specific service of removing product photo background, it is understandable that not every company can produce work that is of high standard. Some of these so-called companies use magic wand which is a photoshop tool that removes the background on the fly. Before hiring a service provider company, you must reference check or ask for samples (trial work) before you hire them.

Why there are different quality standards in background removal service

Pretty much all of the service providers are using the same photoshop programs to remove backgrounds from the product images. Different service providers are using different version of the Adobe Photoshop application. Version difference doesn’t make much of the difference in editing photos. The quality difference that occurs is due to the editing capabilities of various difference induvial that are using the application.

Quality differs due to lack of experience. Some induvial simply do not have the required expertise in editing commercial product photography. Others simply take the short cut approach to save time. This is why when you hire the background removal service provider, hire someone reputable with experience. Also, expect to pay fairly for their services. Usually, you get cheapo service when you pay cheap.

If you are a serious business and require high end photo retouching service, make sure you hire a company that is capable of offering that level of service. Also, they will not be cheap either as quality editing requires experienced people and longer edit time. Get some trial work done, make sure the communication is OK and hire your service provider after that. Do not compromise the quality based on price.