James Richman, the secretive billionaire responsible for the decade-long success of his managed private investment fund, has made amazing decisions when it comes to where to put his fund’s assets.

His natural skill in recognizing patterns has really let the private fund’s money to flourish through a sustainable year-to-year growth.

Aside from looking at the investments, he has made with his private investment fund, JJ Richman, let us take a closer look at some of his life investments, choices that he made which made him the great man he is today. Let’s take a look at James Richman’s greatest investments yet.

  1. A firm foundation

To build something great, your pillars must be flawless. This is something James is known to have been implementing when it comes to choosing his investors. Aside from working mainly with ultra-high net worth individuals, James carefully handpicks the individuals and investors who can have access to the fund.

Not as an elitist, but the billionaire simply wants to make sure that potential investors have no criminality issues and tendencies for money laundering activities. His main principle is that fund must be managed only in accordance with the rules and regulations. This firm foundation removes unnecessary risks and ensures that the profits are earned fairly.

  1. Never be afraid to take calculated risks

He invested in his firm decision-making at a very early age. He had already recognized patterns as a child, and he saw that formal schooling and living in his parents home come as slowdowns for unleashing his true potentials. This decision was very difficult to execute especially at an early age of 15, but James stuck with his choice and developed himself through experience.

  1. Finding inspiration

The Latvian-born billionaire has gone through several backbreaking turns of events in his life. Amazingly, he is a person with such a strong resolve. Instead of dwelling on his losses, such as the early passing of his daughter, he had used them as his inspiration. To this date, his investments in health care systems, and medical research and development are inspired by his late daughter. He hopes to spread this inspiration for socially deprived communities globally.

  1. Building on your strengths

Asperger’s syndrome is high functioning autism which includes symptoms such as impaired verbal and non-verbal communication skills, but increased cognitive skills. It is said that successful legends have it, including billionaire Bill Gates. It is also said that people who have it have a knack for recognizing various complex patterns, typical of James Richman.

Seeing patterns became his passion, and upon recognizing it, he had made a way of taking his passion into good use by entering the financial world and taking it by storm.

  1. Cultivating trust

The best way to earn the trust of an investor is showing that you know how to put your money where your mouth is. This is what James Richman accomplished by continuously investing his own personal money in his private investment fund. This shows the pool members that making sure the fund prosper is Richman’s best interest.

  1. A private life

James has been a very shy person all his life. Sources close to him say that he enjoys this anonymity. He can still enjoy the things he loves without publicity. His favorite hobby is philanthropy, as evidenced by his numerous investments in the Middle East and North Africa. These investments aim to give a semblance of balance to the region’s with the highest society gap in the world.

  1. Indefatigable resiliency

He may be a successful financial investor now, but James Richman had more than his fair share of hardships. He experienced being in the lowest of social classes, aside from losing his home, his wife and his child. Any other human being could just folded up and gave up considering the circumstances, but not James Richman. He managed to muster up what he had left, rely on his talent and strong suits, and keep on going. Look at him now.

James Richman is simply an amazing true to life story. His streak of more than ten years of constantly increasing returns from his private fund investment is just remarkable. Add to the equation the road that he traveled getting there makes one look for attributes to emulate from him.