Let us face it, we all love toys that offer more than what meets the eye. From secret passages in LEGO sets to hidden spring-loaded projectiles. Now we have the transformers that seem to be gaining immense popularity. Even though most fascinating toys rely on a healthy imagination, it has always felt as if Transformers are a little too slow for make-believe adventures and skirmishes. Worse, the good ones take quite long to turn into a robot than they did in the show.

However, things are taking a different direction with the latest transformer taking the technological world by storm. With close to 22 programmable servo motors, this 3.2 pound robot has the capabilities to walk, dance, pose and even do some pushups while on a cue. To make it even better, you can program new gestures easily using a few different interfaces on phone or tablet. This includes the popular kid-friendly Scratch Visual Programming Language used in other beginner robots. When it comes to controlling it, you only have to use a touchscreen joystick and buttons as well.

As is the case with any other technological inventions, there are some downsides to this real-life transformer. Well, you have to part with a whopping$500 to lay your hands on one of these. That is the current price on Amazon with the company behind it claiming that it is the right number. Furthermore, the transformer is only going to be made available later this year at selected retail stores including Micro Center. Those who attended CES can also bear witness to the fact that it looks a little plastic. If you love spy missions, then you have to think again before purchasing this real-life transformer since it does not come with a camera. In addition, it does not drive like a car when in car mode and bends its body to manage a shallow turn.

Regardless of the downsides, it is still a good robot for a kid-at-heart with a sizable budget. You should however not expect it to vacuum your entire house.