In this world when technology reaches its peak, people struggle to do a lot of what is modern. Sometimes older things are nicer to us and more functional than newer and more modern ones. We will be glad if our site helps you to revive thatold spiritand old happiness.

It’s nice to see these oldtimers in movies, in commercials that were something top-notch at the time, and today they represent something that can’t be bought not only with money but with the heart as well. A lot of people don’t want to sell their oldtimer easily – not because they can’t get a lot of money, but because that oldtimer has a special place in his heart. These are true values.

We are also glad to be able to offer you pictures of the exterior and interior so you can enjoy all the charms of the beautifully executed lines on each oldtimer. Even pictures from good old engines, and pictures of interesting details characteristic of every car. They all carry their own story, a story that dates back to times when it was not as easy to assemble a beautiful car as it is today.

On our site, you can also find oldtimers prepared for restoration, such as the oldtimer “Karel”. We know that you, car lovers, love and want this process to begin and end. We also know that you are waiting for ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures and such will be attached to our site.

Our site is here to introduce you to oldtimers in full light. And we need to present them to other people because they really have a spiritual value greater than the material one. We are car enthusiasts as well as you, so we have something in common and we will wait for your next visit. We like when people try to know something about these oldtimers – then we know our worth.

This site aims to bring out everything that can be said about one oldtimer. With a theme like this, we want to encourage people to enjoy what they have from older times, that sentimentality is our happiness.

It is interesting how the price of such beauties grows from year to year. It’s nice to deal with color on a car, especially if it’s a limited edition – then you realize that value of workmanship. If you take into account every detail and how it is made, it is definitely something that characterizes your model, because in someone else’s car it is made a little differently. Everything is unique in its own way.

We have classified oldtimers around the world, so it is easier to find the oldtimer that you think was in use in Europe or Asia. We know that people love attractive things, attractive women, attractive cars, so with that in mind, we wish you a pleasant stay on the site and enjoy these priceless beauties. Come to us as soon as possible because we are looking for someone just like you – a car enthusiast!