Anonymous Search Engine

There are numerous reasons why you would want to maintain your privacy online. From avoiding those creepy targeted ads to preventing visited websites from turning up in your friend or partner’s browsing session, you can never ignore the essence of staying anonymous online. Regardless of your reason, online privacy is becoming a big deal considering ubiquitous websites are now tracking data on our movements. But how can you search the internet anonymously? One of the easiest routes you can ever take involves relying on an anonymous search engine when browsing the internet.

If you are looking forward to browsing the internet anonymously, then you should consider opting for ArmoredView search engine. Thanks to this search engine, you will no longer have to worry about any leak of personal information. This is because it is designed to protect users privacy at all times while at the same time avoiding personalized search results. If this is not enough, the search engine does not store your IP address or log user information. Better, all search terms are deleted automatically ever day. Well, this is quite fascinating considering your information is never going to leak out to third parties.

If you think this is all that is set to come your way, then you are totally mistaking. ArmoredView not only allows safe browsing but also accurate search results as opposed to most results. To pull this off successfully, it boasts of a clean and unbloated page while at the same time using data from Wikipedia to populate Knowledge boxes. No wonder it is regarded as one of the best uncensored search engine you can consider browsing when surfing the internet. After all, privacy is always a priority regardless of the website you might choose to visit.

To find out more regarding what is set to come your way, then it would be better to visit the official website of ArmoredView. Here, you’ll come across all the benefits it has to offer while surfing the internet. Be sure to read more about their privacy policy and figure out how it helps users avoid personalized search results. Luckily, you can perform this action at any time of the day you term appropriate. This explains why it is among the best search engines to use whenever you want to surf the internet anonymously.

The Bottom Line

Quite a number of people tend to think staying anonymous online requires extreme effort. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case since you can rely on an unfiltered search engine when surfing the internet. This is exactly what is destined to come your way when relying on ArmoredView, as it is completely safe and entirely private. Actually, this search engine does not use third party analytics or any affiliate services thus guaranteeing a private search. Add ArmoredView to Chrome today and start browsing the internet without risking your personal information. No profiling, No monitoring, just safe browsing!