Ice Cream Hire Dorset: Your Guide to Hiring an Ice Cream Van

    Have you ever thought about hiring an ice cream van for your wedding, party or event to add something unique? If your answer is yes then you are definitely at the right place. Ice cream van hire can actually add a different factor and vow to your event. This is possible since everyone enjoys the taste of ice cream whether it is ice cream in a cone or Mr. Whippy type of ice cream. But what should you consider when opting for an event ice cream van hire? Read on and find out more.

    • Fleet Size

    One of the most important consideration is the size of an ice cream van hire company. This should also include the number of vehicles in their fleet. After all, you need to be confident that another van is going to come to your event whenever there happens to be a van breakdown or an ill staff member. Remember, any slight failure in your program is definitely going to affect the entire event. If a cream van hire company does not have any backup, then it would be better to look for a different one.

    • Hygiene Ratings

    Another important factor to take into account is the hygiene standard of the individual in the van not forgetting the van itself. This does not come as a surprise since some small operators might not be fully aware of the hygiene regulations mandatory for serving food items within the relevant districts. Therefore, before you opt for a wedding ice cream van hire, you need to examine their history and what other clients are saying. Shun away from working with a company that is only amassing negative reviews. Such a company is never going to help you with anything but only lead to further problems.

    • Feedback and References

    When looking for a Dorset ice cream van, you should always workwith an established ice cream van company. Spend some time looking at the reviews to ensure you are happy with the feedback they received. If a company is not displaying any on their website, then it is you responsibility to ask them for copies of feedback they have received. When a company is not ready to share this information, chances are they might be hiding something from you.

    Apart from feedback and references, you should also ensure the company you are hiring has sufficient public liability insurance to cover any incident or accident. Keep in mind that accidents are unpredictable and hence you need toprepareyourself for anything.

    The Bottom Line

    Before opting for a Dorset ice cream van hire, it is important to know what is in store for you. No wonder a company such as will always share their information beforehand. This means you are set to get good value for your money when you seek their services. Get in touch with them today and make your wedding or party unique and memorable.


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