Redmi Go

The previous month saw the launch of another new range of Smartphone by Xiaomi named as Redmi Go.  This new launch of Xiaomi that is Redmi Go is the first smartphone manufactured by the Chinese company that is based on Google’s Android Go platform. Since its launch last month in India, the Smartphone has undergone a series of sales. This new launch by Xiaomi has even been pitched as the ideal Smartphone for first-time buyers of the smartphone.

The smartphone has been given a water resistance technology that prevents the smartphone from getting hampered if accidentally dropped in water. A video testing the water resistant capability of Redmi Go has even got surfaced on YouTube. The video showcases that the affordable new launch of Xiaomi, Redmi Go has been given specific water-resistant technology that offers protection to the smartphone from the water.

However, the Chinese mobile manufacturing company Xiaomi and its Redmi brand still have not marketed its new launch, Redmi Go as being waterproof or being a water-resistant smartphone.  The Chinese company Xiaomi even does not make any claims of the smartphone being splash proof. The new launch by Xiaomi, which is Redmi Go also lacks any IP ratings that would indicate its level and intensity of protection from water and dust.

The video demonstrating the water resistance technology of Redmi Go that got surfaced on YouTube shows the smartphone being immersed in water for a complete one minute. Even after being submerged in the water the video shows that the cameras and display are working without any disturbances or malfunctions. There is also no sign of any breakdown in the speaker as well. According to the video, this smartphone by Xiaomi can be a real lifesaver if someone drops it in the water accidentally and pulls it out immediately. However, the video also shows that if the smartphone is submerged in the water for more than one minute, then the smartphone starts to showcase the malfunctions caused by water.