Every single image comes with a background in it. When the photoshoot is done, whether it is a personal, travel or commercial photoshoot, the background of the object or person get captured in the image. That’s just how the photography works. Whatever the lens sees gets captured. While it is OK and not just OK, widely preferred in personal photography to have a background, it is not so for commercial photography in most cases. Backgrounds in commercial images often need to go through background removal service for them to be used for commercial purposes.

Background in Personal, Event and Travel Photography

People spend years in planning to have a wedding event organized. Some wedding events are in banquet halls, some are in the churches, some are in perfect destinations commonly known as destination wedding locations.

Some people spend days, months and even some cases years to venture on a travel trip of their lives. Some even plan travelling for one, two or more years. Some are even extreme where they travel for the rest of their lives.

All these events or planning have one common outcome. Event photography or travel photography. No even or travel photography is what it is called without the perfect background. People travel hundreds or even in some cases thousands of miles just to visit some place. Travel photography standing by the magnificent costal lines of an ocean or at the foot cliff of the Grand Canyon can only be deemed as such when they have the corresponding background in them. No person in their right state of mind will travel thousand miles to get a picture taken at the sea shore or standing by the great Niagara Falls and then come home to remove that background. While some might find the need of photo retouching service to make a few of the images brighten up for Facebook or Instagram posting, background removal is the last things they will think of.

Background in Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is totally different than personal or event photography. While personal photography, even photography or travel photography is taken with a sole purpose in mind, that is to preserve memory, commercial photography is taken to promote a specific product or service.

The product is the center point of attraction in product photography. Background is not important at all. In fact, in some cases where background takes away the attention from the product, it is imperative to remove that background to bring the focus back to the actual product.

Another reason why removing background is extremely important in commercial photography is for print publication. It is important that the product blends in to the publishing platform. Only way to ensure that is by removing the background. When there is no background on a product image, it will perfectly blend in to any background or on any page.

In A Nutshell

It is the purpose of the photography that dictates the requirement or importance of image background. Some photographs will not worth a penny without background where others will need to have their background removed with the use of a background removal service so that that image can be made suitable.