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Finn Gayle is a highly-motivated test engineer focusing on verification and validation of Flight Management Systems. He also has an out-and-out knowledge of software quality attributes and version control. Also, other than being a proficient test engineer, he is an admirable pianist who always entertains his family, friends, and guests with his tunes.

Tips on Providing Effective Feedback for Learning

Even though assessment is one of the things that you need to do if you are to know whether students are performing it is necessary that you look into feedback for learning. This action not only ensures your students are well-baked but also transforms their learning.  Unfortunately, there are some teachers who might find it hard in getting effective feedback for learning. They will, therefore, find it hard in assessing the students and determining whether they are performing as expected.To solve this problem, here are some important tips on providing effective feedback for learning.

  • Consider The Individual Needs of a Student

As a teacher it is important that you understand the individual needs of every student in your class. This is because most classrooms are full of diverse and hence it may at times prove difficult in getting feedback from the lot. Furthermore, there are students who need to be handled gently if they are to perform while others must be nudged in order to perform at a higher level. To make sure you are doing it correctly, you should try as much as possible to understand every student. It is only then that you will be able to get the feedback that you need.

  • Get Feedback in a Timely Manner

It is without a doubt that most students will respond positively when feedback is giving immediately after learning something.  This is because the students are able to recall what is expected of them thus responding with confidence. For teachers who decide to wait too long, chances are the students might end up forgetting and thus find it hard in connecting the feedback with their action.  In the end, a teacher will not be able to figure out whether the students are understanding what is being taught or not.

  • Put More Emphasis on One Ability

Putting more emphasis on one ability of a student will go a long way in getting the feedback that you need. Actually, students that have been tested on one particular subject have performed way better than those that have to deal with a paper that focuses on everything taught.If you focus on one area of learning, the students are set to give you the correct feedback without necessarily having to strain.

  • Teach Students How To Give Feedback

At times, students may need the help of teachers in order to offer the right feedback. Therefore, it makes sense when a teacher tries to educate students on how to give feedback to each other. You can do this by encouraging your students to make use of post-it-notes whenever they want to record their feedback. It is only through this action that you are going to get the feedback that you need.

These are just but some of the tips on providing feedback for learning. It is highly advisable that you make use of as many as possible if you are to stand a chance of getting the most out of your students.

Why Most Schools Are Now Opting For Online Education

The internet has transformed almost every sector that you may think about. From booking tickets to connecting with other people, you can do almost anything without having to go through a lot. However, one of the biggest benefits that the internet has brought to our life is online access to education. Nowadays, students are taking online classes instead of the traditional classes. This action ensures you get access to education no matter how far you may be living. Here are some of the reasons as to why most schools are now opting for online education.

  • Reduced Costs

Taking online education can be considered to be way cheaper than attending a traditional class.  This is especially the case when you look at all the things that are needed if you are to access education in a normal class. For instance, you must be ready to make do with transport costs if you are to attend class. However, with online education, you can do it from any location that you term appropriate. All it takes is for you to have data connection together with an internet enabled device after which you can attend class hassle free.

  • Interact With Overseas Students

With online education, you have the chance to interact with students from other countries in a different continent.Through this action, you will find it easy in establishing collaborations whenever you wish to implement a new or existing project.In addition, you are set to learn the culture of different people thus making you an all rounded student.

  • Spend More Time Your Instructors

When attending a traditional classroom, you might find enough time to interact with your tutors especially when you need more clarification. Although the classes may be smaller, the number of students may be way higher. This may make it quite hard for the teachers to serve all students perfectly.  However, with online education, you are sure to get involved in discussions while at the same time having some personal talk with your lecturer or teachers. You will thus find online students performing better than their counterparts who are attending traditional classes.

  • Access To Every Information You Need

Students who are taking online education are at an advantage since every information that they may need is stored in an online database. Whether you are looking for training materials, discussion documents or even emails, you can get them from the internet. Therefore, if there is anything that needs clarification, the resources at your disposal will prove beneficial. You are sure of completing your project on time without having to go a lot.

There are quite a number of other reasons as to why students are now opting for online education. Despite this, traditional education will still be part of us considering not many students can get access to the internet. However, online education is something worth considering in the future since students are set to benefit from a host of benefits.

Getting the Right Price from Your House Sale

Getting the right person to buy my house is not an action that you will just wake up and achieve. Instead, you will have to spend most of your valuable time examining the different buyers who may be interested in the home. This may mean taking time until you are able to find the right person who will buy the home without forcing you to incur losses. However, in order to get the best price, it would be better to wait for some time until the right buyer comes your way. Unfortunately, this method of selling a house is now outdated since there are companies that buy houses.

DMV Premier Home Buyers

Will I sell my house fast? This is the question that most people will always ask themselves before deciding to put their house on sale. However, you do not have to stress yourself with many questions especially when you are using a company like DMV Premier Home Buyers.With this cash home buyers company, you are set to sell your house quite fast without having to move around in search of customers. Therefore, you will get to save the time that you would have otherwise used in searching the right people to buy your home.

Why Choose a Home Buyer Company

There are so many reasons as to why you should consider choosing a home buyer company like DMV Premier Home Buyers instead of selling it yourself. Here are some of them:

  • Get Paid in Cash

Most home buyers tend to make payments using a cheque or bank transfer. This method of payment can prove to be stressful as you will have to make do with the tedious process of bank transfer. Furthermore, you may be asked to wait until the cheque matures before you can access the money. With a home buyer company, you will not have to go through all this since most of their payment is through cash.

  • Simple Procedures

Unlike the traditional methods of selling houses, you will only be required to send the property information online when working with a home buyer company. Alternatively, you may also make a phone call explaining your home details to the company. Once you do this, they will give you a response on how much you are going to get from the sale. You can then decide to take the price or look for other favorable terms.

Selling your house will never be the same again thanks to companies such as the famous DMV Premier Home Buyers. To get their services, you will have to visit their website from where you can submit a short description of your home. You must remember to include the property address, your phone number and email address. It is through these contact details that they will get back to you after receiving the property details. Remember you can still terminate any agreement with them if it does not suite the amount that you were expecting from the house sale. To know more, click at: https://www.dmvpremierhomebuyers.com/.

Iran-US Tensions: All You Need to Know

Fears of a war between Iran and the United States continue to intensify after Iranian forces shot down a US drone. On Thursday, Iran said they had successfully downed an unmanned aircraft in Iranian airspace. However, the US said their drone was in international territory before it was finally hit by a surface-to-air-missile. The quick developing events have activated international alarm and impelled concern the standoff is eventually going to escalate into a major open confrontation between the two nations.

Latest Happenings

On Monday 24th, the Iranian government said they will not be shaken by the new US sanctions as it will have “no impact”. “We really do not know what the new sanctions are and what they want to target anymore, and also do not consider them to have any impact,” said Abbas Mousavi at a press conference in Tehran.

Since the escalation of these tensions, the US has already imposed a robust slate of punitive sanctions on Tehran. These sanctions were aimed at choking off Iranian oil sales while at the same time crippling its economy. On Monday, Hesamodin Ashna, the advisor to President Hassan Rouhani twitted “America’s claim of readiness for unconditional negotiation is not acceptable with the continuation of threats and sanctions. We consider war and sanctions to be two sides of the same coin.

US Secretary of State Meeting withSaudi Arabia’s King

On Monday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo twitted that he had discussed the heightened tensions in the region with Salman, Saudi Arabia’s King during a meeting in Jeddah.He also said that they talked about the need to promote maritime security in the region following attacks on oil tankers in Gulf Waters which Riyadh and Washington are blaming Iran. However, Tehran has completely denied these charges.

President Trump Willing to Talk to Iran

A senior US official said President Donald Trump is ready and willing to talk to Iran concerning a deal that would lift American sanctions but Tehran would have to close its nuclear and missile programmed as well as its support for proxies. On the other hand, US Special Representative on Iran Brian Hook told reporters that Iran could ‘come to the table or watch its economy crumble”. He however, refused to give more details about the new US sanctions that are expected later on Monday. Hook was speaking by telephone from Oman where he is currently touring Gulf countries before heading to Paris.

Iran-US tensions are set to escalate even further as more sanctions continue to be imposed by the US government on Iran.  Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs has warned Iran about more sanctions if it continued its “aggressive policies” but said Riyadh had no intension of going into war. For now we only have to wait and see what new sanctions the US is going to impose and how Iran is going to respond to these sanctions. It is only then that we can know how this tension will fair on.

Google Duo: A Unique Video Calling App

Google Duo is among the leading downloaded social media apps thanks to its unique features. Unfortunately, many people are yet to master the art of using this unique app. Google Duo is actually the highest quality video calling app that you can ever download. This is because it is simple, reliable and works on tablets and smartphones. All you have to do is click on a name in your contacts and if they happen to have Google Duo installed, a video call will start automatically. Here are some of the things you need to know about Google Duo app.

  • One-to-One Video Messaging

Google Duo contains a one-to-one video messaging feature that is quite similar to the one used in Apple’s FaceTime product. Available for both iOS and Android, Google Duo aims to ease the video-chat experience by guaranteeing person-to-person communication together with simple controls. Unlike most video calling apps, you will not have to create your separate account when using Duo. Simply log in using your phone number and connect with other Duo users based on the phone numbers that you have saved.

  • Knock Knock

Google comes with a unique feature commonly referred to as Knock Knock.With this feature, the app is able to play the video stream of a caller. You will, therefore, be able to know who is there and what they may be looking for before you decide to pick the call. With Knock Knock, you have the chance to know what to expect thus determining whether you can pick or ignore the call.

  • High Definition Video Quality

When using Google Duo app, you do not have to worry about the quality of the video calls. This is because you will get to stream at 720p high-definition video quality. To make it even better, the videos can be compressed for phones that have a low-bandwidth by making use of a mix of open-source and proprietary standards.Whenever Google Duo detects a bandwidth problem, it will simply lower the quality of the video stream to maintain the state of the connection.If this is not enough, Duo will also switch between your Wi-Fi and cell signal to maximize the bandwidth and strength of the call.

Google Duo is one of the easiest applications that you can ever use for person-to-person video app. If any of your friends or family member is wedded to the Google communication, then you will find Duo to be fast, secure, convenient and simple to use.

Unfortunately, just like any other app, there will be some drawbacks when using Google Duo. One challenge is that Google tends tobuild and discard different messaging apps after a few years. However, this should not hinder your quest of downloading and installing Google Duo in your install. To download this unique video calling app, you will have to visit Google Play store. Once downloaded, you can install it in your smartphone without having to go through a lot. Do not be left behind when you are friends are staying connected with Google Duo.

How to Nail Your Instagram Captions This Summer

Instagram is one of the most relied upon social media platforms when it comes to interacting with people from all corners of the earth. With Instagram, you can be able to share images and videos within a split of a second. However, you will never get the most out of your Instagram account if you are not posting beautiful photos and videos together with eye-catching captions. Actually, you will end up having less followers than expected simply because your Instagram account is not engaging.

Coming up with a really good Instagram caption is not a piece of cake as some people may imagine. Even highly experienced social media managers tend to find it hard in creating the best Instagram captions. You must, therefore, take your time before you can come up with perfect Instagram captions especially during this summer. Fortunately, technology has made things easy since you can now access Instagram captions online without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is access a site that offers Instagram captions and everything will be at your disposal.

Insta Helper

There are quite a number of websites from where you can get Instagram captions. However, not many will outdo the captions offered by Insta Helper. With this reliable site, you will get the perfect Instagram captions for this summer regardless of your current location and time. All it takes is for you to visit the site and get access to hundreds of Instagram captions.

Why Visit Insta Helper

Insta Helper has proven to be a good website for Instagram users. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should make Insta Helper your site of choice whenever you are looking for Instagram captions.

  • Readily Available

With Insta Helper, you will never have to worry about the time of access as is the case with other sites that contain Instagram captions. This is because the site operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week unless when under maintenance. You will thus update your Instagram caption at any time of the day as long as you visit the site.

  • Best Instagram Captions

It is with no doubt that you will get every Instagram caption that you want by visiting Insta Helper. Actually there is a wide range of Instagram captions to choose from whenever you view on this site. For instance, you can get funny & cool summer captions, boat captions, pool Instagram captions to mention a few.

  • Easily Accessible

Insta Helper can be accessed from any internet enabled device. This action ensures everyone gets access to the captions without going through a lot. To make it even better, the website is user friendly meaning you will not spend most of your time looking for the captions you are interested in.

Insta Helper has come as good news for Instagram user. Now you do not have to spend your precious time coming up with captions. Simply visit Insta Helper and every caption will be at your disposal.

MSI GE75 RAIDER 8SG: The Best Laptop for Video Game Lovers

If you love playing video games on your Personal Computer, you will need to make use of the best machine available in the market. With the many options available, you can find it hard in choosing the best gaming laptop. However, this is no longer a problem since you can now make use of the MSI GE75 Raider 8SG gaming laptop.This feature packed laptop is designed to make your gaming life enjoyable as it contains the latest technological inventions.

The MSI GE75 Raider 8SG gaming laptop makes use of NVIDIA GeForce RTX to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.To make it even better, the smart rigs contained in this state of the art gaming laptop are powered by the new NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture together with a revolutionary RTX platform. In addition, you will get a clear view of the game at any angle thanks to the IPS-Level Display True-to-True visual.

Another notable feature of the MSI GE75 Raider 8SG gaming laptop is the Per-Key RGB gaming keyboard. With this keyboard, you can customize each key to your liking while also receiving real-time-in-game status.You can even dance to the tunes as you enjoy your favorite video game. This is made possible through the keyboard lighting.

With the many features contained in MSI GE75 Raider 8SG gaming laptop, you must be ready to dig deeper into your pockets if you are to lay your hands on one. This gaming laptop is readily available in online stores such as Amazon at a starting price of 2,699 Euros. The price is worth it since you are sure of getting an all-round performance together with a 17.3-inch diagonal display. Furthermore, the gaming laptop will be shipped directly to your country of residence thus saving you on transport and shipping charges.

Translating Your Tone As well As Your Words Using Google’s Prototype Al Translator

It is with no doubt that communication depends on more than what a person has to say. The manner in which you say it is just as important as what you wish to say.It is for this reason that Google has now introduced the latest Prototype of Al Translator which not only translates the words that come from your mouth but also the cadence and tone of your voice. This system commonly referred to as the Translatotron has taken the world of communication by storm ever since it was first put into use.

What makes the Translatotron a force to reckon with is the fact that it translates speech directly from input to audio without necessarily having to translate it into the normal intermediary text. This Al model is well-known to enhance performance by getting rid of stops for subsidiary actions and tasks. In addition, the Translatotron guarantees faster results without necessarily having to encounter the possible risks of introducing multiple errors whenever you are going through multiple translation steps.

When it comes to translating speech from one language to another, the Translatotron makes use of spectrogram data or in other words a detailed visualization of sound. This is unlike most translators which only process raw audio hence you can never experience the mind-bogging pictures that are common withthe Translatotron.

However, just like most Google translation inventions, we will have to wait and see whether the Translatotron is worth using. This is because some Google translation efforts have not worked out as most people would expect.  It is for this reason that we should be skeptical about how systems like the Translatotron will work in the future. Despite this, the Translatotron by Google is still a good system that you can consider using when translating languages.

Apple’s Kingship Captured, second in the case of mobile sales

China’s Huawei has secured second place in the first quarter of this year, defeating Apple in the smartphone market. Korea’s Samsung still remains in the first place. According to the initial data of International Data Corporation (IDC), 31.08 million smartphones were sold worldwide in the first three months of this year. This is 6.60 percent lower than the first quarter of last year. This is the sixth consecutive quarter when the global sales of smartphones have come down.

2019 decline year on year for sales

The organization says that even after the strong growth of Huawei, the 2019 smartphone year is going to decline in terms of sales. During this period, Samsung’s sales declined by 8.10 percent to 7.19 crore. However, Samsung still remains the largest smartphone sales company.

Huawei sales rise 5.91 million units

Huawei’s sales reached 5.91 million smartphones with a remarkable growth of 50.30 percent. With this performance, the company outperformed Apple to the second place. However, Apple’s sales fell 30.20 percent to 3.64 crore. IDC said that due to the sluggish sales of the smartphone market, there are indications that customers are taking more time to convert old smartphones.

Amazon aims to increase e-commerce exports from India to $ 5 billion

Online marketplace Amazon is expected to increase e-commerce exports from India to $ 5 billion by 2023 under its global sales program. This was said on behalf of the company on Tuesday.

Great prospects for India in global scenario

Amazon India’s Country Head Amit Agarwal said in the statement, “Amazon started a global sales program in India four years ago. In the next five years, India has huge potential for global scenario.

He said that the company is confident about the global sales program that it will reach level of 5 billion dollars by 2023 due to the presence of millions of Indian manufacturers, exporters and small enterprises. The program started in 2015 with a few hundred vendors and now it has crossed the 1 billion dollar level with more than 50,000 exporters.