There are many reasons why an image owner would like to remove the background from a photo. Whether the image is commercial in question or a personal or event photography, image might need the background removed for various reason. Without going much detail into why the need for background removal service provider. Let’s dive right into how the actual process is actually done.

Methos Number 1: Clipping Path

Using photo editing software like Photoshop and utilizing clipping path methods is the best and most accurate way to remove the image background. Any high schooler can use the photoshop application and remove the image background by using the clipping path process.

Learning curve for remove image background using clipping path is not that extensive. Anyone can play around with it and learn to remove the background with some practice. To do a decent job using photoshop can take only few hours of practice. However, if you are going to offer your services as a clipping path service provider, then you will need to do a lot of practice. In some cases, to land a job with a clipping path company, you might need a good few years of work experience in the area of clipping path.

Method Number 2: Magic Wand

This method also uses adobe photoshop or similar photo editing applications. Magic wand is a tool that you select and by using this selector, you select the areas you need to remove or keep. Say you are going to remove the background form an image, you select the background using magic wand and it will remove the background just like that. While this process only takes few minutes, it is not the most accurate way to removing the background from an image.

If you are a home user and need the image background removed for personal purposes, then by all means go ahead and use this method. This method however is not suitable for commercial purposes where most accurate clipping path is needed.

App Based Background Removal

This is the latest method of removing the background. Instead of using manual clipping path method to remove the background, you use an online app to remove the background in an automated way. It literally takes seconds to remove the background using this method.

Technology has come a long way and app-based process have made lot more sophisticated than ever before. Even with this high-endapp-based background removal service, you will see that the result is not anywhere as close as the manual clipping path method. This method of automation however will appeal to some people or some companies. There are different use of the same program and different purpose of removing the image background. This app-based tool will be used by people who can get by using such low-cost, hands-free tool. More most accurate clipping path however, there is no alternative to using the services of a clipping path company.