Versatility, style, and goodness of vintage elements are essentials that go into making a perfect modern farmhouse kitchen. Sure, there are hundred different ways you can recreate the look of your favorite farmhouse kitchen from pages of Homes magazine. However, there is one predominant element that renders the magical touch. That’s right! Shaker kitchen cabinets– A timeless choice for a picturesque farmhouse style kitchen that bespeaks rustic charm and flexibility in tandem. In this post, we take a look at stylizing your farmhouse kitchen with shaker cabinets for utmost warmth and convenience all the way. Read on!

A classic choice

If there’s one thing that makes modernOak kitchen cabinets a thing of beauty, it’s nothing but its simplicity. Flat-panel design with raised borders has stood the test of time to render a classic appeal for one and all. Come rain or shine, shaker cabinets have earned quite a bit of reputation for staying in vogue. They strike the right chord between being too old fashioned and way too modern for good. They are seemingly the finest choice for open shelves concept that contributes towards creating a clutter-free look. This is a great choice for all those who aren’t conscious of things around them or don’t pay too much attention to keep things arranged. Plus, the beauty of open shelves allows one to display their collection of dinnerware, glasses, or pottery as a piece of art. Shaker kitchen cabinets for a farmhouse style kitchen come in rustic or country styles and also in contrasting materials that deliver a ready impact.

Great colors

Shaker kitchen cabinets come in a wide array of colors catering to the mood, taste, and personal choice of a modern farmhouse kitchen owner. Although softer shades of cream and white have been a popular choice, one is always free to settle for unique shades like Navy Blue, Olive Green, Light Blue, and even multiple shades of Grey. Planning your kitchen palette early is necessary to help decide the colors you want in your kitchen.

Minimum Maintenance

Kitchen cabinets demand care and maintenance to sustain over time. It’s even a bigger picture when you have extreme details and ridges that need efficient cleaning and care every other day. Additionally, they also act as an easy magnet attracting grease and dirt daily, which in turn gives you a hard time in cleaning. Compared to other cabinetry choices, shaker kitchen cabinets boats a simple-to-do design that needs nothing more than a wipe-down to keep things in mint state.

Less expensive

As the name suggests, shaker cabinets are modeled right after the Shakers furniture of the 19th century. Hence, as a distinguishing feature, they lacked fancy millwork and made simplicity their bedrock. If you are looking to buy cheap kitchen cabinets, shaker style cabinetry can be the perfect pick. With less detailing, the major focus of the furniture is meted towards durability and all-round functionality, which makes it a worthy investment and something that doesn’t burn your pockets. Plus, one also gets to enjoy the hefty build that promises longevity over the years. The money you save buying shaker style cabinets for your modern farmhouse kitchen can be invested in buying other kitchen components, like the kitchen island, for instance.

A great tool to achieve contrast

A modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets is pretty high on achieving contrast across all grounds. As shaker kitchen cabinets boast a linear style, they account for an effortless backdrop to complement almost everything. With the right motif and material, there are truckloads of contrasting styles that you can play with. If you got blonde cabinetry for your kitchen, an arrangement comprising of glass tile backsplashes along with zinc color tables or white chairs is sure to bring in some great vibe. Emerging trends in kitchen design rely heavily on backsplashes, mostly taller ones. They not only let you play with a prominent color but also account for shaker cabinets to add to the overall room length. All you need to do is to double the kitchen walls by striking the right combination of tall shaker kitchen cabinets against vertical backsplashes.

A unique way to accessorize

Shaker cabinets are outright simple. Hence, they are better suited for small touches that usher in big changes. Take door handles for instance. Important as they are, they are often overlooked while designing a modern farmhouse kitchen. Undeniably, they are an essential inclusion that can bring a lot of character and variety to your kitchen. One can choose from a plethora of materials like silver, brass or chrome. With Shaker kitchen cabinets being extremely popular, yet so simple, it opens up to a daring and funky style of kitchen decor for one and all.


For any modern farmhouse kitchen, it is utmost necessary to strike the balance between contemporary and modern. With Shaker kitchen cabinets, you can easily achieve the same by investing in quality furniture, timeless design, and a reputation that dates back to the 19th century. These days, one can also buy shaker kitchen cabinets as ready to assemble units available across major online and offline retailers.