When a new drug task force is put in place, many expect them to serve the needs of all citizens. Things are quite different in New Hampshire, a state where Marijuana is still highly restricted. If at all you need to use it for medical reasons, then you will first have to make do with the heavy regulations put in place. However, the current governor does not seem to be budging on his anti-recreational stance. The legislature is still looking forward to present adequate bills aimed at legalization, but Governor Sununu wants no part of it.

The local law enforcement scene seems to be taking the same direction regarding the legalization of Marijuana. Despite the fact that the state receives adequate funding towards curbing of opiods that have led to the loss of countless kids lives, the Drug Task Force is misusing the money. Instead of handling the matters at hand, they are going after individuals who do petty marijuana offenses. Actually, there is no instance when Marijuana has killed children in New Hampshire yet the Drug Task Force keeps targeting petty crime offenders.

Many people are crying foul regarding the corruptions vividly visible when it comes to handling petty weed cases. Instead of focusing their efforts where it is needed most, a large amount of money goes into waste simply because they are shifted to the wrong cases. For instance, they claim to spend money on a months-long “investigation” on false pretenses with the main intention of setting up a case for the Court Attorney. Things do not stop there with some funds used to pay all the officers who take charge of controlled buys and minimal surveillance work. Some even end up setting up innocent citizens yet the funds can prove beneficial in other areas.

Even though they are fully aware that most people are innocent and have at no time served as drug dealers, they still force them into accepting the charges. This is despite the fact that there is no evidence of any predisposition. What makes it even worse is that Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois also plays a role in accusing innocent individuals even when there is no evidence linking them to the said offences. No matter how hard you try to derail the leaks, Livernois still interferes with the process thus making it hard for one to trust him even once.

The Bottom Line  

It is quite evident that the New Hampshire Drug Task Force is wasting tax money on frivolous prosecution. Actually, many are already victims of this and wonder how the legal “professional” even made it through law school. The representatives of the state are no different since they always play the victim card and get away with everything. This is definitely true since all victims of false prosecutions want is to do is expose the rot that exists. At this rate, the law enforcement team will no longer prevent crime or even apprehend criminals.