Epic Games

According to Epic Games, the sales of Metro: Exodus has become a success. Earlier, the game Metro: Exodus switched to Epic Games Store from Steam. It received a backlash. But now during the GDC 209, Epic Games Store has shared some stats where the company claims that Metro: Exodus’s sales are two-and-a-half times more than its predecessor Metro: Last Light for the same time period since launch. It is excellent news for the fans of the Metro franchise. It seems that the switch to Epic Games Store is the right decision for its success. Metro: Exodus is the third part of this survival horror series; Metro: Last Light and Metro 2033 are its predecessor.

The information has come through VG247. But, it doesn’t certainly indicate that the sales of Metro: Exodus entirely took place on Epic Games Store. Before the switch, the game was up on Steam for pre-orders. Still, now, Epic Games hasn’t announced any definitive number on how many units of this game were sold at Steam or the pre-order sale percentage.

The publisher of Metro: Last Light and Metro: Exodus, Deep Silver also didn’t provide sales data for any of the games. It points out that no matter what Epic Games claimed at GDC 2019, it doesn’t have any exact number, only the fact has come on the surface that the sales of Metro: Exodus has sold more copies soon after its launch than its predecessor Metro: Last Light.

The report of VG247 mentions two Epic Games, Subnautica and Slime Rancher hit beyond 4.5 millions of downloads on the platform, when these two were available in Epic Games Store for free.