The best marketing1on1 local SEO services

Local positioning, or also known as local SEO, is gaining more and more ground in the field of digital marketing. If you have a small business or an SME and your target audience is in the city or region where you carry out your activity, local positioning is something that will interest you. As the objective of companies is not always to gain visibility at a global level, but sometimes what you want is to position yourself locally, in this post we explain what local positioning is, what is the local SEO for and we will give you tips or advice to improve your visibility in Google.

We can define local positioning as the set of techniques aimed at improving the visibility of a web page in search results based on the geographic location of users. When you have a business that you can hardly target a global audience, the ideal is to target and optimize your business to the geographical area in which you carry out your activity. For this, there are certain Marketing 1on1 local SEO techniques that allow you to optimize your website for searches related to the location of your business and your users.

The main doubts that arise when talking about local positioning is if these techniques that are applied more geographically that are incompatible with more global SEO. Obviously, not all web pages or online stores have to make improvements or carry out techniques on their website that allow them to position themselves in one or another geographical location. There is little point in targeting your online business to a single province or city, but you have to try to attract a much larger audience. The best marketing1on1 local SEO services are for local business branding.

On the other hand, global SEO techniques are not incompatible with the local positioning of your website, quite the contrary! It is important that your website complies with the basic principles of SEO so that it also positions itself locally. Often times, web pages that carry out local SEO strategies are those that also have a physical business and try to direct attract potential customers to your establishment. For example, a pharmacy, an optician, a driving school, a language academy, etc. They are businesses that, as a general rule, only carry out their activity in their locality and need a good local positioning strategy for their business if they want to stand out from their competition.