What You Might Not Know About Hip Hop Artist PBE Pluto

    Navy veteran and Hip Hop artist PBE Pluto is one of the few names you’ll constantly hear about in the music industry. And this does not come as a surprise especially among fans of hip hop music as they clearly understand what he brings. But how much do you know about PBE Pluto aka Brent Parker? If you cannot answer this question hassle-free, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will take you through some of the things you probably did not know about PBE Pluto.

    Music Career

    PBE Pluto is a hip hop recording artist, writer, and producer from Alabama whose star seems to continue shining. When starting in the industry, he formed a music duo with his brother Dekembi Parker (Kid Kembi). Together, they have released many singles including the hit mixtape ‘Da Future’ and ‘Get Low.’ One single that he released with his brother and garnered more views on YouTube is ‘Drip Drip.’  Overall, they have over 20k monthly listeners on Spotify.

    Earlier, the duo went by the stage names Pluto & Kid Kembi, butare now planning a change to ‘PBE.’ In fact, their upcoming projects and content will be under the name ‘PBE.’ However, they each have their own singles with PBE Pluto’s latest single ‘Soak up The Drip,’ creating a buzz in the hip hop circuit.

    PBE Pluto is a Successful Businessman

    As a successful recording artist, PBE Pluto own a certificate label, Parker Boy Entertainment, LLC through which he releases all his singles. Being an active music producer, artist, and songwriter, he strives to elevate and energize new original beats hip hop beats and lyrical trends in Hip Hop culture.

    PBE Pluto also doubles up as a businessman and now owns a clothing label, ‘XROSSED-KULTURED’ that requests a variation of apparel attitudes. He attests to the fact that he learned to be a successful businessman from people who sold drugs, but did not even think or try selling drugs. Instead, he only used the same fundamentals of the drug business in the things he really wanted to do. By putting the same hustle in his music and businesses, he was able to become who he is today.

    The Bottom Line

    PBE Pluto is an ideal epitome that nothing is ever going to stop you provided you have the fire in your belly and determination in your heart. If you are yet to listen to his latest songs, then you can check them out on social platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and other major outlets. Alternatively, you can watch the official music videos on his YouTube channel.

    Be sure to leverage Elevator music downloader whenever you want to download PBE Pluto’s songs and those from other artists. Check out the music downloader and examine what it has in store for hip hop fans. It is only then that you stand the chance of making a well-informed decision.


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