What You Need To Know About Dreamcatchers

    Dream Catcher

    It is with no denying that dreamcatchers are the most recognizable symbol of Native Americans. To many, they are a true representation of tradition and the dream catcher legends that have been passed on from one generation to another. However, other people view them as a symbol of Native-American unity. Regardless of how you take them, it is still important to understand the meaning behind these beautiful, woven circles. It is only through this action that you can gain a deeper appreciation of the craft and the idea behind their creation.

    History of Dream Catchers                                   

    There are quite a number of explanations regarding the history of dream catchers. Some people believe they have their origin from the Ojibway tribe of the plains. However, many tribes including the Lakota and Chippewa have their own version of the dream catcher. Despite there being so many different versions, a dreamcatcher remains to be a small circle of wood tied with a thread or sinew. Actually, it resembles a web having a small hole in the middle. The threads are tied at several points on the circle with each one of them representing a different meaning. For instance, 13 points signify the 13 phases of the moon.

    Why Dreamcatchers Are Popular?

    Giving someone a dreamcatcher shows how much your care about the person and his piece of mind. This is regardless of whether you decide to make it yourself or purchase an authentic dream catcher from a Native American Craftsman. You must however accompany it with a note describing the importance of the dreamcatcher and how legend say it will protect the receiver from negative thoughts and bad dreams.

    With the significance of dream catchers, it is not a surprise to come across them all around the house as Native American décor. In addition, some people also prefer hanging them from the review mirrors of their cars. However, it is not yet know whether a dreamcatcher in the house is going to protect you from bad thoughts of other road users.

    Where to Buy an Authentic Dream Catcher

    Thanks to changes in technology, you can now purchase a dream catcher online without going through a lot. Even though you might find cheap imports from souvenir stores, it is still important for you to buy dream catchers made by native people thus supporting native tribes. Luckily, many websites specialize in the sale of authentic Native American items.

    In Conclusion

    Purchasing an authentic dream catcher should never be the underlying reason why you are having sleepless nights. To make your quest easy, you should consider paying a visit to Dream-Catcher.US, the number one website when it comes to the sale of dream catchers. Here, you can get any type of dream catcher you need without necessarily having to break the bank. For instance, you can lay your hands on a Peacock Dream Catcher when having $18.99. Visit Dream-Catcher.US today and buy yourself the perfect dream catcher at any time of the day.


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