Chances are you received a phone call or message requesting you to pay your overdue debt. This is something you should not worry about since a number of creditors tend to rely on the services of a debt collection agency whenever debtors fail to honor the agreement. One such collection agency is the renowned Bonneville Collection also known as BBC. A debt collection agency should never harass clients as they have rules that govern them. In this post, we are going to examine everything you need to know regarding Bonneville Collections.

What is Bonneville Collections?

Bonneville Billing and Collections is a third-party debt collection agency that is based in Utah. The agency works in line with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and is not allowed to harass clients. In case of any violations, then you are free to report them and action will be taken within the shortest time possible. The good news is that Bonneville Collections strives to maintain a good relationship with creditors and will even provide verification of debts before proceeding further. Actually, they follow all the rules that govern debt collection agencies.

Is Bonneville Collections Legit?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who have received emails or phone calls from Bonneville Collections. Well,  Bonneville Billing and Collections are legit with the agency venturing into the industry in 1980. Ever since they first ventured into business, the agency has helped numerous creditors get back debt owed by both institutions and individuals. Currently, they boast of over 130 total employees across all locations. No wonder  they are ranked among the best debt collection agencies at the moment. For those who doubt this, then you can simply go through Bonneville Collections employee reviews.

Who Does Bonneville Collections Collect For?

Bonneville Collections works with a number of business and industries including convenience stores, municipal government agencies, medical and healthcare service providers to mention a few. To guarantee satisfaction Bonneville Collections agency designs customized collection strategies for all their clients. In addition, they also undertake the responsibility of providing check services for point-of-sale check acceptance and returned check recovery. For you to find out more regarding their services, you will have to get in touch with them. Alternatively, you can check out their website and know what they have to offer to creditors.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to Bonneville Collections, you can recover your debt without having to go through a lot. However, debtors need to be fully aware of their rights whenever they receive a phone call from Bonneville Collections or any other debt collection agency. In case of any harassment, then you are free to contact the relevant authorities and they will take immediate action. Keep in mind that it is illegal for any debt collection agency to make empty threats when collecting the debt. If you come across such a debt collection agency, then be free to contact a reputable law firm and they will offer a helping hand.