eCommerce is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Billions and billions of dollars worth of products are being sold on eCommerce platforms every year. All these products would not have been sold if there was product photography to display the products. And the product photography requires photo editing in order to be print perfect.

Why Photo Editing is Needed

Product photos do not come out of photographer’s camera publish ready. They have background, they have light and contrast issue, maybe there is dust in the camera lens that needs to be cleaned, model might have acne or scar or tattoo on the skin that needs to be removed, etc. Long story short, to make the product images look attractive in the eyes of the buyers, product manufacturers get the product images edited to suit the publishing and promotional need.

What Type of Photo Editing is Needed

There are various types of photo editing needed for commercial photography. Background removal, clipping path, image masking, photo retouching, hair masking, fur masking and many more. Photo editing or retouching need is dependent on the type of photo or product and where it will be published.

Types of Image Masking

Image masking is a common type of photo editing in commercial product photography. There are various types of image masking that are done using photo editing programs such as photoshop. Masking is done on product photos to isolate an object from the picture. There are other types of masking as well such as hair masking service. Hair masking is done to remove the background from the image and from behind the hair. Due to the complexity of the image with hair, it’s not possible to remove the background without using hair masking service.

Use of Hair Masking Service for Model Photography

Hair masking service is a common type of masking service for model photography. Use of hair masking makes the model photo look professional and attractive. When published on the website or print papers, the hair on the image blends in perfectly to the background making the image look attractive.

Product Photo Editing Makes the Products Sell

It is statistics that editing and retouching of product images and image masking of model hair makes the products sell on eCommerce platforms. Since buyers cannot see the products like they see on the store shelf, only way they can judge the product or see how the product looks is by seeing a product image. It is only natural that an unprofessional and unattractive product image will not make a positive impression on buyer mind and therefore it will not make the product sell. A profession looking product image will create a positive impression on buyer mind and help boost the product sell.

How to Get the Image Masking Service Done in Photoshop

It requires a photo editing or Photoshop expert to perform the image masking or hair masking service job on photoshop. Hair masking service is a complex editing type and not just about anyone can do it. It takes good skill and long experience to mask a hair in photoshop. It is also time consuming to mask hair in photoshop. Since commercial product owners sell lot of products and many of them require hair masking, it is cost efficient for them to hire an image masking service provider to mask their model images with hair.